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Board of Directors
Bernd Gehlen
Bernd Gehlen

The chairman of the board manages board meetings and is the representative of the German-Korean Business Association (DKW). The strategic focus of the DKW is substantially co-determined by him.

Bernd Gehlen worked for BASF between 2014 and 2019 as a member of the management and CFO in Seoul, South Korea. BASF is the largest foreign investor in South Korea with production sites e.g. in Yeosu, Ulsan or Gunsan and operates a regional research center in Suwon. During his time in South Korea he was a member of the board of the Korean-German Chamber of Commerce in Seoul for 4 years, thereof 2 years as its Vice President. He was a member of the Foreign Investment Advisory Council of Seoul City. Since mid 2019 he is back at the headquarters of BASF in Germany, with responsibility for Mergers & Acquisitions of the BASF Group.

Barbara Sillich
Barbara Sillich

The managing director supports the board and handles the current business affairs of the German-Korean Business Association. He is the contact person for the members of the DKW, interested companies and individuals.

Mrs. Sillich is a full-time partner in the TAX sector at KPMG AG in Frankfurt am Main. She is holding the position of Head of Country Practice South Korea.

Representatives of the Chairman of the Board
Yu Jeoung Yeol

Mr. Yu is a representative of the chairman of the board of DKW.

As the president of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) Europe in Frankfurt, he brings valuable knowledge and experience in the area of cross-border trade relationships between the Republic of Korea and Germany to the board.

Michael Grund
Dr. Michael Grund

Dr. Grund is also a representative of the chairman of the board of DKW.

From 2013 to 2017, Michael Grund managed the Merck Group’s business in South Korea, focusing on display and electronic materials in addition to life science and biopharmaceuticals. During this period he was a member of the board of the Korean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, most recently as its Vice-President. As Chairman of the Korean-German Jury, Michael Grund was instrumental in the introduction of their Innovation Awards. Today, he heads the Dynamic LC Glazing business unit within Performance Materials of the Merck Group.

Other Members of the Board
Youn Woo Park
Dr. Martin Henkelmann
Eric Menges
Klaus Heinen
Samuel M. Jung
Chang-rok Keum
Veronique Dunai
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