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Webinar: Securing the South Korean business, contractual and labor law aspects

The AHK Korea offered a webinar on a current topic:

 Securing the Korean business, contractual and labor law aspects

 26 March 2020, 9 am CET

The COVID 19 virus has a global impact on the business of companies, especially those that depend on supply chains to and from Asia.

Just now, when companies in Germany are more than ever affected by the effects of the virus, it is all the more important to safeguard activities abroad, which are an important stabilizing factor for business in Germany.

In a joint webinar, the AHK Korea in cooperation with the law firm Yulchon in Seoul and the East Asian Association and Partner Chambers of Industry and Commerce discussed the legal situation in South Korea. Barbara Zollmann, Managing Director of the AHK Korea, gave a brief overview of the current situation in South Korea. Afterwards, RA Moritz Winkler, Head of the German Desk, offered an overview and case studies on the topic of force majeure in contract law as well as on important labor law aspects relevant for securing business in South Korea. Felix Kalkowsky, Deputy Managing Director Market Entry at the AHK Korea, was the moderator.

Registrations could be made under the following link:


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